Adoption Process/Forms:

All of our pets go home altered, microchipped, age appropriate vaccines, flea prevention and dewormer. We will not send a pet home before they are altered. The minimum age a kitten can be altered and receive rabies vaccine is 12 weeks and 2 lbs. The earliest we send kittens home is 13 weeks. We give a one week observation period to make sure incisions heal and the kittens do not become ill after surgery. Being spayed/neutered before going home is non-negotiable. Adults are spay/neutered at intake in most cases and have an immediate go home ability once your app is approved. Exceptions to this may include actively nursing mothers and sick adults.

Step 1: Inquiry

The first step in our adoption process is to complete the Feline or Canine Adoption Questionnaire for the pet you wish to adopt. A one time $10 application fee is required to review your application. This helps ensure the pet you adopt is best suited for your family.  Application fees are nonrefundable and do not guarantee adoption of the pet you have selected. We must consider many factors such as history, temperament and special needs. Must be 23+ to adopt with proof of ID. A fenced yard is required for all Canine adoptions. Be sure to list more than one pet on your application as your chosen pet may have multiple applicants. This makes it easy to move you to the next pet on your list that is available. We believe in finding the best match for you and our pets!

Step 2: Interview

Our Adoption Coordinator will review your application and contact you by phone, text, or email for a brief interview. We will schedule a home visit or obtain a vet reference. you will be notified of approval and asked to proceed to steps 3 and 4. 

Step 3: Adoption Contract

Once approved for adoption, you will fill out the Adoption Contract.



Step 4:   Fee Payment

Feline Adoption Fees are $85. $145 for siblings.

Canine adoption fees are $150 for adults, $200 for puppies.

Step 5:  Happytails

Upon completion of steps 1-4, your adoption may be finalized and you can make an appointment to pick up your new family member! Be sure to arrive picture ready! We like to take "Happytails" photos of you and your new furbaby. We will send you home with a sample bag of Hills Science Diet. All of our pets are fed a healthy diet.

We feed Hills Science Diet for a happy, healthier pet.