Adoption Process/Forms:

Step 1:

The first step in our adoption process is to complete the feline or canine Adoption Questionnaire for the pet you wish to adopt. A one time $10 application fee is required to review your application. This helps ensure the pet you adopt is best suited for your family.  Application fees are nonrefundable and do not guarantee adoption of the pet you have selected. We must consider many factors such as history, temperament and special needs. Must be 23+ to adopt with proof of ID. A fenced yard is required for all Canine adoptions. We believe in finding the best match for you and our pets!

Step 2:

Our Adoption Coordinator will review your application and contact you by phone, text, or email for a brief interview. We will schedule a home visit or obtain a vet reference. Please upload proof of ID and photos of the areas your new pet will be permitted.

Step 3:

Once approved for adoption, you will fill out the Adoption Contract. An addendum is

required if you are taking a pet home before being altered.






Step 4:   

Step 5:

Upon completion of steps 1-4, your adoption may be finalized and you can pick up your new family member!

We feed Hills Science Diet for a happy, healthier pet.