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Are you interested in donating your time to help animals in need? If so, there are many ways to become involved and help Hearts To Homes Humane Society's pets find happy forever homes. View the ways you can help below and let us know if any position suits your abilities. Join our Volunteer group on Facebook.


Marketing Coordinator:

You can help Hearts To Homes  Humane Society by sharing all of our posts to the numerous Facebook pet pages, as well as marketing for pets by putting ads in the paper, vet's offices, radio, tv, etc. (Put your imagination to work!) This volunteer position helps get the cats and dogs seen by the public so they can be adopted.


Fundraising event Coordinator:

This volunteer position involves organizing fundraising events  to bring more money in for vaccines, microchips, flea prevention, food, litter, dewormer, toys, utilities, and other veterinary expenses for the animals. Any fundraising ideas must be discussed and approved by the director of Hearts To Homes Humane Society.


Home-visit Coordinator:

This volunteer position performs home visits and/or vet references and ensures adoptions are done in a timely manner and our pets get the best homes possible. You will be provided with a check-off sheet. Must be dependable, on-time, well presented, and friendly.



This volunteer will go to foster homes and/or our facility to take professional pet pictures for our adoption sites.


Adoption Event Coordinator:

Plan and carry out adoption events, at a minimum of once a month. Will be required to find the location and make arrangements for kitties to be there and picked up if not adopted. Cages, tables, food, water, litter, and all other necessities should be taken, put together, and disassembled when done. We have all the supplies and an instruction sheet for leading a successful adoption event.


Website Coordinator:

Any tech -savvy individuals that could lend a hand in keeping our website, Facebook, Adopt-a-Pet and Petfinder pages up-to-date.


Adoption Coordinator: 

Make sure all adoption paperwork is completed and filed in our online records, adoption fees paid, and home-visit completed before adoptions are finalized. 


Record Keeper: 

Online records should be kept current. Intakes and vet records added on new cats. Cats moved over to adopted folder once complete. Must have a computer and the internet. Will work closely with directors, photographers, website coordinator and adoption coordinator.



This volunteer position is one of our MOST valuable and needed positions. Fosters provide a safe place for cats and dogs, food, water, litter, and socialization. Must be able to take weekly pictures and share them in our Facebook foster group. Well written descriptions of your foster pet will also be required because you will know them best. Click here for more information.



Experienced fosters capable of being assigned to a certain number of fosters to stay in touch with and provide advice/support. You will have supplies and ensure foster cats are healthy and receive appropriate routine care. You will meet with fosters to give worm meds, vaccines, etc. as needed. Must stay in close contact with directors. Must be capable of emergency type intervention. Training is provided.



Will carry cats to and from spay/neuter trip. Must have a dependable vehicle. Gas is paid by the rescue. Must be at clinic early and on time. May also pick up cats from shelter or carry to and from the vet.


Schedule Coodinator:

 Will be responsible for scheduling spay/neuter trip each week and making calls to the vet if needed. Must stay in close contact with the director.


Facebook Editor:

Answer messages via facebook and website. Makes sure cats and dogs are being posted daily.


**For some positions, references may be required. All volunteers are expected to stay in close contact with the director. All decisions must be approved. Training for some positions will be required. Several positions require multiple volunteers. Please private message us for more information, questions, or for an application.We are always in need of help. The more help and support we have, the more animals we can save from euthanasia.

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