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Why Foster?

Fostering saves lives! The shelter can become an overcrowded and stressful place. Being in a home environment is less stressful and helps and animal stay healthy, receive adequate socialization, learn manners and increases adoptability. We have animals with a variety of needs. Puppies, kittens, nursing or pregnant mothers, adult cats and dogs, and special needs or hospice pets that need great fosters too.


You do not need much to be a great foster. The most important thing you need is a safe place and love to give. You will need to live within driving distance of our facility to foster. We take care of all veterinary expenses as long as they are done in house. Pets will need to come to us frequently for routine care. This means you will need transportation. Having a phone or camera for sending pictures and videos of your foster is helpful. You are also welcome to bring them to our facility for photo sessions done by our volunteer photographer. Qualities that make a great foster parent include patience, good communication skills, empathy, compassion, having a love for animals, and being goal driven.

Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Complete our Foster Application here.

Step 2: Our Foster Coordinator will reach out to discuss your application and schedule a home visit. This is required by the Department of Agriculture 2 times per year for all fosters for any licensed rescue group in the state of Georgia.

Step 3: We usually bring the pets to be fostered along to the home visit and as long as every thing goes well, they get to stay! We will fill out the foster agreement, answer any questions you have and get you set up in our Facebook Foster Group. You can post weekly pictures and videos of your fosters here so all of our volunteers have access to help network them in one place! We encourage our fosters to post and advocate for them as well. Team work is the best work!

Fostering can begin at any skill level. We provide training/coaching  to give you the skills needed to be a successful foster parent. Have no fear, support is here! Visit Kitten Lady for some more fostering how tos:

Fostering 101

Kitten Care

Instructional Videos

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